SLAS 2018 schedule, objectives and instructions

Rc.No. 26 – Conduct of Student Learning Achievement Survey 2018 (SLAS 2018) for Classes 4,6 and 9 in a sample set of schools in all districts across the state.
It is proposed that the third cycle of SLAS 2018-19 will be conducted on 26th, 27th and 28th of February, 2019 for classes 9th, 6th and 4th respectively with the following objectives.

SLAS 2018 objectives:

  1. to collate actionable insights on the student learning levels of the state in Classes 4, 6 & 9 for subjects Language and Maths in terms of their knowledge and skills and to identify the learning gaps, common errors and misconceptions of students;
  2. to generate insights on the differences in performance of students across districts and school management to create cross-learning and remedial opportunities;
  3. as a new initiative, items from international assessments like TIMSS and PIRLS are being tested in a separate test form, to understand performance standards of students.

The assessment framework of SLAS 2018 is as follows:

  1. Students from Class 4,6 and 9 will be tested.
  2. SLAS will be conducted for 2 subjects- Language (Telugu for Telugu Medium and English for English Medium) and Mathematics and a separate combined paper with international items.
  3. SLAS tools will be provided by CSSL.
  4. SLAS is an objective, multiple choice question tool – OMR will be used for evaluation of students. Sampling will be conducted by CSSL through a Stratified Proportionate Sampling procedure to ensure a representative sample across each district.
  5. SLAS will be conducted in Telugu and English medium schools of both private and government management.
  6. SLAS will be conducted in a mix of Government and Private schools.
  7. Overall in the state, in Class 4, around 27000 students will be tested in Language (Telugu/English), Mathematics and International subtests, in Class 6, around
  8. 42000 students will be tested in Language (Telugu/English), Mathematics and International subtests, and in Class 9, around 39000 students will be tested in Language (Telugu/English), Mathematics and International subtests.
  9. Service of the CRPs will be utilized for invigilation of SLAS in all schools and coding
    of combined paper.

Slash 2018 Schedule:

slas 2018 schedule
slas 2018 schedule

Instructions to Head Masters of selected sample schools:

Head Master is the monitoring officer at the school level to ensure smooth conduct of the examination – it is the moral right to ensure zero malpractice
HM should also verify the seals of the question paper bundles at the time of examination.
HMs will ensure all necessary arrangements of students of Class 9, 6 and 4 students have been made in advance for the conduct of SLAS-HMs to provide complete support to the CRP in providing data and monitoring.
On the day of the exam, the class in which SLAS is being administered be exempted from the assembly so that the CRP can conduct the exam within the time frame.
Make sure that the exam hall should be spacious and good ventilation.
HMs of primary schools should assign the class teacher to administer Pupil Questionnaire for class 4 on 01-03-19.
Two packets comprising of 4th class Pupil Questionnaire and OMRs should be sent to the MRC on 01-03-19.

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